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Residential Radiant Floor Heating

Tips for Designing Radiant Floor Heating in Your Home

The beauty of radiant floor heating is you can choose to have it throughout your entire home or just one or two rooms. Think about walking down into your basement and experiencing a comforting warmth instead of cooler temperatures with each step down the stairs. Or, imagine walking into your master bathroom and relishing in the cosiness of warm tiles beneath your feet.

If you are looking to install radiant floor heating in your new home or are looking to remodel your existing home, here are some general tips to follow.

  • If comfort is your top priority, it is important to entrust a third-party certified design professional who can independently represent your interest over and above the interests of the builder, trades and suppliers. Seek out a designer who understands the integration of architecture, building enclosures, interior design and HVAC systems.
  • Note that a design professional may or may not be the installing contractor. In the case of a separate installer, ensure the contractor is an experienced radiant installer — and check references!
  • Be clear on what you expect from the radiant system — are you looking for warm floors or space heating, do you want it in your entire home or just specific areas, is lower energy costs or improved indoor environmental quality (IEQ) your main concern?
  • What is your construction plan? Are you integrating into an existing frame? Can you accommodate construction changes for potential benefits? Are you using the best application based on your heating source?
  • What is your heat source? Are you locked in or can you be flexible to coordinate with low-mass radiant potential?
  • Do your research on the equipment. It is important to use brands that have continually demonstrated long-term market dominance. This will not only ensure a solid system but will also help with resale value.

Todays Homeowner- Uponor Quik Trak panels

Todays Homeowner - Featuring Uponor Quik Trak panels and PEX-a tubing in a radiant heating system.