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Residential Radiant Floor Heating

Integrating Radiant Floor Heating into a Home Design

When designing a radiant floor heating system into a home, there are some important factors to consider.

Be clear on what the homeowners expect from the radiant system. Are they looking for warm floors or space heating? Do they want radiant floor heating throughout the entire home or just specific areas? What is the construction plan? Are the homeowners integrating into an existing frame? Can you accommodate construction changes for potential benefits?

It is also very important to work closely with the radiant floor heating installing contractor to ensure the design plans you have laid out will be compatible with the installation application for the radiant system.

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Radiant Floor Heating Applications

  • Quik Trak®
  • Using radiant panels called Quik Trak® on top of a plywood or concrete subfloor

  • Fast Trak™
  • Using knobbed mats called Fast Trak™ on top of a plywood or concrete subfloor

  • Fasten or Staple
  • Fastening the PEX tubing to wire mesh with wire ties or stapling the tubing to foam board before pouring a concrete slab

  • Joist Trak™
  • Installing the PEX tubing under the floor in between the joists with joist clips or Joist Trak™ heat-transfer plates.

  • Snow and Ice Melting
  • The radiant heating concept can also be used outdoors for snow and ice melting systems to keep driveways and walkways safe and free from snow and ice