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Uponor PEX Plumbing FAQs for Builders

What is an Uponor PEX plumbing system?
Why should I consider an Uponor PEX plumbing system?
Is Uponor PEX safe?
Why is Uponor PEX better than copper?
What’s the difference between PEX and CPVC?
Is Uponor PEX chlorine resistant?
Can the PEX tubing leak?
Does Uponor install the PEX plumbing system?
What if my contractor doesn’t know how to install an Uponor PEX plumbing system?
Does Uponor offer a warranty on its PEX plumbing system?

Uponor PEX plumbing systems feature a flexible, durable plastic piping product called crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) tubing instead of metal piping to distribute the water. Uponor PEX tubing is a proven product with 40 years of history in radiant heating, plumbing and fire sprinkler systems. It is a clean, non-toxic and extremely durable piping product that will not pit, scale or corrode and even helps resist freeze damage.

An Uponor PEX plumbing system is a clean, healthy, quiet and reliable system that provides numerous benefits over a copper or CPVC system, including corrosion resistance, better freeze resistance, fewer connections for fewer potential leak points and a 25-year limited warranty.

Uponor AquaPEX® tubing for potable (drinking) water is held to the highest testing, codes, listings and standards in the plumbing industry. In addition to testing and certification at NSF International, Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Uponor PEX tubing has been tested and approved for potable-water applications by the most demanding agencies in the world, including DVWG-Germany, KIWA-Netherlands, CTSB-France and BSI-Great Britain. Toxicity extraction testing performed in accordance with ANSI/NSF 61 “Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects” verifies Uponor PEX tubing does not leach potentially harmful substances into the drinking water.

Uponor PEX tubing has several benefits over copper pipe. Because of its flexibility, Uponor PEX can bend with each change in direction. This means fewer connections are required, which, in turn, means fewer potential leak points. This flexibility also enables it to expand up to three times the tubing’s diameter, which means it is more resistant to damage from frozen water in the system.

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ASTM F876, the Standard Specification for Crosslinked Polyethylene (PEX) Tubing, was revised in August 2008 to include a voluntary oxidative resistance (i.e., chlorine resistance) rating that indicates suitability for use in continuous-recirculation systems where tubing is exposed to hot, chlorinated water 100 percent of the time. Uponor AquaPEX® tubing for potable-water applications is certified by NSF International to meet the latest ASTM F876 oxidative-resistance requirements for continuous recirculation, as indicated by the PEX 5106 designation on white tubing and PEX 5206 on red and blue tubing.

Leaks are not a concern with an Uponor PEX plumbing system when the system is properly installed. With a life expectancy of more than 100 years, Uponor PEX tubing has withstood the most extensive tests in the industry for more than 40 years. What's more, all Uponor PEX tubing is thoroughly inspected before it leaves our manufacturing plant to ensure a quality product is going into the homes you build. And, we also offer a 25-year limited warranty on our PEX tubing and ProPEX® fittings when installed by an Uponor-trained professional.

Uponor partners with trade professionals who are trained and knowledgeable about PEX plumbing system design and installation. To find an Uponor-trained PEX plumbing system installer, visit our Find an Installer page.

Uponor can train your contractor on how to properly design and install a PEX plumbing system. To learn more about training opportunities for professional installers, call 800.321.4739 or visit www.uponorpro.com/training.

Yes. Uponor proudly backs the PEX tubing and ProPEX® fittings in its plumbing systems with a 25-year limited warranty when installed by an Uponor-trained professional.