Uponor Solutions:
Residential Fire Safety

Types of Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 13D Standard for the design and installation of residential sprinklers identifies two basic types of systems — multipurpose and standalone.

Multipurpose systems integrate the fire sprinklers with the cold-water plumbing lines in the house, so the sprinklers perform just like any other plumbing fixture. These systems were created specifically for residential use, and are designed to be easily and seamlessly incorporated into a home’s construction process.

Standalone residential sprinklers use a separate, additional system of piping that must be kept isolated from the home’s drinking water supply by a backflow preventer. This component adds additional cost to the initial installation as well as annual maintenance costs which can significantly add up over time.

Benefits of Multipurpose Systems

Business building opportunity
Same product, same tools as Uponor PEX plumbing
No check valves, backflow preventers or antifreeze hassles

Because an AquaSAFE fire sprinkler system integrates with the home’s cold-water plumbing, it is a natural extension for the plumbing trade.

The AquaSAFE system uses the same reliable PEX tubing as the home’s plumbing system, so there are no added tools or products required to do the job.

With a multipurpose system, there is no need for check valves, backflow preventers or antifreeze.