Uponor Solutions:
Pre-insulated Pipe Systems

Benefits of Ecoflex Pre-insulated pipe System

      • High-quality insulation to protect against heat loss
      • Competitively priced
      • Tightest bend radius available
      • Produced in North America (qualifying for Buy American Act and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act)
      • Quick response to delivery requests
      • Multiple stocking locations throughout North America
      • Custom cut-to-length service
      • Pipe uncoilers available
      • ProPEX expansion fitting system (up to 2")
      • In-house and on-site support team
      • Lightweight and flexible
      • Long coil lengths up to 600', eliminating the need for many underground joints
        • No welding or soldering
        • No expansion loops or concrete anchors
        • Fewer fittings and connections, reducing potential leak points
        • Faster to install; snakes around barriers, obstacles and corners
        • Durable in harsh environments
      • Virtually maintenance-free