Uponor Solutions:
Uponor Ecoflex Pre-insulated Pipe Systems

Uponor Ecoflex Applications

Uponor Ecoflex pre-insulated pipe has many commercial and residential applications — predominantly in hydronic heating, cooling and potable-water systems for large-scale complexes such as schools and colleges, resorts and hotels, hospitals and institutions, and housing developments.

Radiant heating and cooling as well as snow and ice melting systems also use Ecoflex as the pipe distribution system of choice. Outdoor furnace and boiler contractors as well as homeowners depend on our products for a trouble-free, energy-saving solution to piping underground when the heat source is located away from the structure.

    • Residential Applications

      • Connection to remote heat source
      • Geothermal
      • Boiler (gas, oil, wood)
      • Solar
      • Heat/cool additional buildings
      • Garages, sheds, workshops
      • Guest houses and studios
      • Pool/spa heating
      • Snow and ice melting for driveways and sidewalks
      • Supply and return for slab-on-grade radiant floor heating
    • Commercial Applications

      • Universities, schools and institutions
      • Bio-waste digesters
      • Hospitals and nursing homes
      • Snow and ice melting for driveways and parking entrance areas
      • Transportation, cultural and recreational
      • Water/sewage treatment plants (chemical transport)
      • Car washes
    • Agricultural Applications

      • Wood chip boiler
      • Bio-digester for producing heat from manure
      • Greenhouse heat
      • Barn water bowl for stock from well