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A BIM deisgn photo example with uponor PEX
Uponor BIM services

Advance your projects with our BIM experts


Partner with industry-leading experts

Partnering with Uponor BIM Services is the best way to deliver high-quality models that optimize construction projects. With our team of experts, skilled in real-world construction, you have the right partner to help meet tight productions schedules and budgets.


Increase efficiencies and reduce labor concerns

Uponor BIM Services help you identify issues early to minimize changes during construction and adds capacity to your team without the hassle or expense of recruiting and maintaining staff. Connect with our team at to move your projects forward.
Connect with the team
BIM model of piping system in a building

Services tailored to meet your project needs

Modeling and coordination

  • Leading BIM coordination from start to finish
  • Plumbing and hydronic systems
  • Hanger layouts and structural supports
  • Spooling and fabrication detailing
  • Shop, install, and as-built drawings

Laser scanning

  • Scan existing buildings for renovation
  • Scan completed projects for documentation
  • Scan to BIM

Customized training for your staff

  • Plumbing and hydronic modeling
  • Spooling and fabrication processes
  • BIM coordination
  • Revit® and more

Support services

  • Qualified professionals with decades of experience
  • Extension of your staff
  • Template development
  • Work flow optimization


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