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Commercial Radiant Heating and Cooling

Radiant Heating and Cooling System Applications

Hydronic radiant floor heating systems are configured in one of two basic ways. High-mass radiant floor heating systems incorporate the mass of the building, with tubing embedded in structural concrete. Low-mass systems use tubing embedded in surface-mounted ceiling, floor or wall panels. Typically, the same panels are used for heating and cooling functions. Installation options for high-mass and low-mass systems can include any of the following applications.

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High Mass

Installation options for high-mass systems.

Low Mass

Installation methods for low-mass systems.

Exterior Radiant Applications

Hydronic radiant systems aren’t just for the indoors. Snow and ice melting, turf conditioning and permafrost prevention systems all use the same concept of circulating warm water or a water/glycol mixture through PEX tubing to keep exterior surfaces at a certain temperature.