Supply Chain

In the manufacturing world, you need to ensure the right amount of product gets to the right person in the right amount of time. Supply Chain ensures this all flows seamlessly.


The Uponor Supply Chain is at the heart of our success. When our customers receive their product in an efficient and timely manner, they are pleased. And pleasing our customers is our primary goal. This is what makes Uponor such a success in our industry.

The Supply Chain department ensures our customers receive our high-quality products and systems at the appropriate time they need it, all while ensuring it’s done with the most efficient resources available. It can be quite a tightrope act.

Working with our suppliers and manufacturing organization to maximize flow, eliminate bottlenecks and increase efficiency, the Supply Chain department helps us meet our customer’s and, in turn, our company’s needs.

Responsibility, accountability and dependability — that is what Uponor’s Supply Chain is all about.

An Inside Look

Our Supply Chain department features various divisions, including inventory management, global sourcing, logistics, buying, warehouse, supply planning, supplier development and production scheduling.

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"It’s inspiring to know that I will be challenged with new opportunities every day"
- Chris, Supply Chain